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Sustainability Ethos

Climate Change is real! 

Each of us whether as an individual or as a business have a responsibility towards our planet and welfare of all living beings. OrganicsClinic is no exception and we are fully committed to fulfil our duties, therefore, we have adopted a triple-bottom-line framework as a gold standard practice towards all our business affaires.

As part of our ongoing endeavours to contribute to an eco-friendly future; we use fully recyclable paper from sustainable forestry for product’s boxes and leaflets. In addition, we have significantly reduced the amount of packaging used in our products through innovative packaging designs.

The majority of our product’s bottles made from recyclable glass and reusable cotton in our brushes. 

OrganicsClinic does not test any finished products or ingredient on animals and we have also placed strict monitoring systems on our suppliers or any third-party sellers in order to discourage them from testing any of our products or ingredients on animals. We refuse to sell any of our products where animal testing is required by law.

Carbon neutral commitments 

Our manufacturers have committed to reduce their carbon footprint by using green electricity as well as green gas in their operation.